Cheri Haines, ABT
The Essence of Qi

Living in Harmony with the Seasons : SUMMER

Summer has arrived and yang is in full force; energy, growth, warmth and activity! We are able to see which seeds that we planted in spring are taking root & flourishing.

The warmth of summer is also about joy, connections and all the things that fill our heart and soul. Take some time to notice the beauty that is around you, the beauty in your life, the beauty that is YOU!

This is the season of the Fire element, the color red and Heart Organ Meridian. The Heart is said to house the Shen or Spirit in Chinese acu-theory. Shen is our body/mind, the lifeblood of personhood, the spark of life that creates and connects us to the world. It is our consciousness, reactions, our sleep and dreams.

This makes it the most important Organ. Placed in the center in the chest, the Heart guides and influences all the other Organs and Breaths.


It is important to create balance for joy without over exciting or taxing the Heart.

Assist the Heart by laughing, enjoying yourself!

Massage or hold the acupoint at Chest Center/CV17, meditate on your heart.


Eat light & regularly, little salt, more water, sprouts, celery, rice/millet, plums.

Drink: Yarrow, mint or chamomile tea.


Qi Gong :Up Holding Heaven & Looking Backwards

From my heart to yours this summer!